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Tips To Avoid Being Pulled Over By A Police Officer in Illinois

 Posted on February 29, 2024 in Criminal Defense

Naperville, IL criminal defense attorneyLaw enforcement can pull you over at any time. Generally, an officer will not pull someone over without reason. However, oftentimes, a driver may not understand why they are being pulled over in the first place. A driver may not realize that they were doing something to provoke or garner suspicion from an officer, such as a traffic violation, which prompted them to pull them off to the side of the road. Understanding what you could have done to prevent this outcome could help you avoid it becoming a reality in the future. For those who have been pulled over and now face charges for whatever reason, hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney is in your best interest.

Keep the Rules of the Road

You should do everything you can to stay off law enforcement’s radar, which includes adhering to driving regulations and traffic laws. One of the easiest tips to follow the posted speed limits. It is one of the most common reasons a driver is pulled over and given a ticket. Other rules to easily followable rules are:

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Most Common Types of Fraud in Illinois

 Posted on February 21, 2024 in Criminal Defense

DuPage County criminal defense lawyerFraud is a common complication in our society and is often considered a white-collar crime. Because of how broad the term is, many different types of fraud crimes exist. Some types of fraud are more common than others, and thankfully, Illinois provides many defense options for those looking at fraud charges. The first line of defense is to secure yourself an experienced and skillful attorney to help build an effective defense strategy.

What Fraud Means In Illinois

Fraud is considered a deceptive practice in Illinois. Many different acts can be included in fraud, but the overall premise is the intention to deceive another individual to obtain something of value. Fraud can consist of many acts and be difficult to prove in court. It can range from minor offenses to felony charges, and a conviction can have long-term negative effects.

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Illinois’ Most Common Drug Crimes

 Posted on February 12, 2024 in Drug Offenses

Blog ImageDrug crimes are one of the most common types of crime committed across the nation and are a particular problem in Illinois. Drug crime convictions can detrimentally impact your life in many ways for many years. The types of drug crimes that occur in Illinois vary but some are more common than others. Do not allow a drug charge to destroy your life and career prospects. Instead, contact a skilled criminal defense attorney immediately following any charges so that they can get to work right away on safeguarding your future.

Illegal Possession of a Controlled Substance

It is illegal to possess a controlled substance such as heroin or cocaine in the state of Illinois. The possession of either of these drugs is considered a felony charge. However, the punishment will depend on the amount in a person’s possession. This drug crime is without a doubt the most common that a prosecutor will file each year.

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Defining Criminal Sexual Abuse and Assault in Illinois

 Posted on February 05, 2024 in Criminal Defense

Blog ImageSex crimes are particularly egregious offenses and being charged with one can have a major impact on your life. Regardless of whether there is a conviction or not, the charge will make its way onto a permanent criminal record, which can be incredibly damaging to your future. The most serious sex crimes in Illinois are criminal sexual abuse and criminal sexual assault. Even just an accusation of one of these crimes can cause irreparable harm and should be taken seriously. Involving an attorney may be the only way to ensure your rights are defended.

Criminal Sexual Abuse

Criminal sexual abuse in Illinois is committed when:

The Consequences of Illinois Auto Theft

 Posted on January 31, 2024 in Criminal Defense

DuPage County criminal defense lawyerAuto theft falls under general theft in Illinois and is often associated with other crimes like burglary, criminal trespassing, and aggravated battery. No matter what you plan to use the stolen vehicle for, whether joyriding or committing another crime, it is a serious charge with serious penalties. To have someone fight for your rights when facing an auto theft charge, you should get an experienced lawyer.

Auto Theft in Illinois

Illinois’ general theft law prohibits a person from:

  • Knowingly taking or obtaining control over another’s property
  • Taking another’s property without authorization or through deceptive or threatening means while knowing that the property is stolen

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Differences Between Blackmail, Bribery, and Extortion

 Posted on January 24, 2024 in Criminal Defense

DuPage County criminal defense lawyerSome people may be confused when they hear the terms blackmail, bribery, and extortion used in a sentence. All of the mentioned terms are generally considered white-collar crimes involving exchanging money, goods, or services. However, understanding their differences may help you further understand what you may be facing when charged with a crime concerning any of these terms. For a deeper understanding of your specific charges, contacting an attorney for a meaningful discussion on where you stand is highly suggested.


When a perpetrator involves another participant in their crime by offering something the participant wants in return for a favor, it is considered bribery. Bribery often consists of one side being in a lower position of power where they convince the participant that the crime will benefit them and ultimately go unnoticed. An example is when a criminal caught in the act attempts to make an offer to the arresting police officer that will see the officer rewarded for letting the criminal off the hook.

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What to Know About the Implied Consent Law

 Posted on January 16, 2024 in DUI Law

DuPage County criminal defense lawyerUnder Illinois law, police officers can pull you over under suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) and subject you to testing. Being pulled over for other things, such as speeding or a broken tail light, can also subject you to DUI testing if the officer suspects you may be driving intoxicated. This could lead to you being arrested on DUI charges, so it would be wise to consult an attorney as soon as you are available.

Implied Consent Details

When you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and take it out onto Illinois roads, you are giving implied consent to law officers to submit you to testing for DUI. Testing can be:

New Laws in Illinois Banning Assault Weapons

 Posted on January 08, 2024 in Criminal Defense

DuPage County criminal defense lawyerGovernor JB Pritzker signed into law an assault weapons ban in January of 2023. The ban immediately prohibited anyone from selling over 170 variations of guns and attachments in the state of Illinois. All Illinois residents received a January 1, 2024 deadline to register their already-owned firearms from the list. Those who failed to do so can now face a Class 2 felony charge if found in possession of these weapons. Weapon possession charges are a serious offense in Illinois, and anyone facing them would do well to consult a criminal defense attorney immediately.

Protect Illinois Communities Act

The Illinois law signed by Gov. JB Pritzker is meant to safeguard Illinois communities by outright banning the sale of specified rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatic pistols. The signing was in direct response to the tragedy that unfolded at the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, a Chicago suburb where seven shooting deaths occurred.

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Failing To Move Over for an Emergency Vehicle

 Posted on December 29, 2023 in Criminal Defense

DuPage County criminal defense lawyerWhether it be a stationary ambulance attending to the victim of an accident or a police vehicle chasing down a speeding driver, there are rules all drivers must follow in these scenarios. Scott’s Law, also known as the “Move Over” Law, requires all drivers to proceed with caution around emergency vehicles and yield the right-of-way if necessary and able to do so. Failure to respond accordingly can result in a traffic violation ticket with mandatory fees or more. Those unfamiliar with Scott’s Law and requiring additional information or representation should consult an attorney.

Scott’s Law Origins

Named for Chicago Fireman Lieutenant Scott Gillen, the Illinois legislature passed Scott’s Law after Lt. Gillen was struck and killed while aiding motorists who had suffered an accident. The driver who struck Lt. Gillen was driving in the adjacent lane to where the Chicago Fireman was attending to the motorists and did not see him before it was too late.

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Defending Yourself Against Indecent Liberties Charges

 Posted on December 20, 2023 in Sex Offenses

DuPage County criminal defense lawyerOftentimes, in cases where there are alleged indecencies with a minor, the only witnesses are the defendant and the child. A minor’s testimony can be compelling, garnering sympathy in the courtroom. A child could also be mistaken about what occurred or coached to make the defendant look guilty. When dealing with such cases, it helps to have an experienced and skillful attorney representing your best interest and safeguarding your legal rights.

What are Indecent Liberties?

Indecent liberties are improper acts committed by individuals that society regards as lewd or obscene. The spectrum for what is considered indecent liberty with a minor is broad but can include actions such as:

  • “French kissing” (kissing with tongues)
  • Engaging in or attempting to engage in sexual acts or sexual intercourse
  • Exposing one’s genitals or masturbating in front of a child

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