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Naperville Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Defending Clients Against Credit Card Fraud Throughout DuPage County

The predominance of credit and debit cards over cash and checks has created increased the opportunity for credit card fraud. Consequently, the legal system has responded by passing legislative acts such as the Illinois Credit Card and Debit Card Act, and it takes the prosecution of credit card fraud very seriously.

If you are facing credit card fraud charges, you need to have the representation of an attorney who understands how to mount an effective defense against white collar crime charges, including:

  • Counterfeit credit cards
  • Using someone else's credit card without permission
  • Using someone else's credit card number without permission

At the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, our Naperville credit card fraud lawyer has multiple decades of experience in the DuPage County criminal justice system with more than 30 years in private practice as a criminal defense attorney. After working in the local courts for as long as we have, we understand what strategies are most effective to present when working with local judges and prosecutors. That experience can make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal or dismissal.

Contact a DuPage County Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

If you are facing charges of credit card fraud, you need to secure the assistance of an attorney with a record of success that has been built during more than three decades of practice. Turn to the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe. Our decades of experience allow us to provide our clients with an aggressive and effective defense. To schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer, call 630-416-7600, toll free at 888-583-6197, or simply contact us online.

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