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DuPage County Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Experienced Counsel For Federal Charges

The smartest strategy when you are facing a federal criminal investigation or federal charges is to seek experienced legal counsel as soon as possible. Federal criminal charges may have more serious consequences than state criminal charges, and the federal government begins building a case against you well before you are charged.

At the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, you will find a Naperville federal criminal defense lawyer who understands how to defend you against serious charges. With more than three decades of criminal defense experience to guide us, we can assist you whether you are under investigation by a federal agency or have been indicted.

Illinois Federal Crimes Attorney

We can provide you with a strong defense to many crimes charged in federal court, including:

  • Federal drug crimes: If you are charged in federal court with possession, delivery, or trafficking of drugs, we will aggressively represent you.
  • Bribery: We defend those accused of using money or gifts to get any type of favor from a public official or get an official to conduct public business in a certain way.
  • Counterfeiting: Reach out to us if you are charged with counterfeiting paper currency, coins, or documents such as mortgage notes.
  • Extortion: We will work to ensure that accusations of threats or blackmail will not ruin your life and reputation.
  • Violent crimes: In some circumstances, violent crimes are charged in federal rather than state court. We will provide you with the same experienced representation regardless of the venue.
  • Internet sex crimes: We will protect your rights in federal online solicitation and child pornography cases, which are frequently prosecuted by the federal government.
  • White collar crimes: We provide experienced representation for many types of white collar crimes, including embezzlement, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, bank fraud, and tax fraud.

If you are a state agency employee alleged to have misappropriated state funds, we understand how to provide you with a strong defense in federal court.

Our attorney has a solid reputation for skilled representation against criminal charges. Mr. Nathe can deftly negotiate with federal prosecutors to minimize the consequences of criminal charges. When possible, we will work to get your charges dismissed or reduced, or we will advocate for an acquittal when possible. If a conviction appears inevitable, we will work to reduce the sentence and the effects of the conviction on your life.

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