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DuPage County Drug Trafficking Attorney

Experienced Defense For Drug Trafficking Cases In State And Federal Courts

If you are charged with drug trafficking, you are facing serious charges with the potential for extremely harsh consequences. With your liberty at stake, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands how to build a strong defense against these cases and who can work to reduce the serious consequences of a conviction.

At the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, you will find a Naperville drug trafficking attorney with more than 30 years of experience defending people in DuPage, Cook, Kane, Will, and Kendall counties against drug charges. Our law firm handles cases in both state and federal courts.

Assistance With Federal Charges

Drug trafficking charges usually refer to charges of bringing drugs from one location to another, such as from another state into Illinois or from one region of Illinois to another. Drug trafficking may be handled as a state crime or as a federal crime with the potential for a serious prison sentence and other harsh consequences. You may be charged with drug trafficking for nearly any kind of controlled substance, including heroin, cocaine, and opiates. While marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in Illinois, it is still illegal at the federal level, and transportation of marijuana outside the state of Illinois could potentially lead to drug trafficking chages.

Prosecutors do not have to prove that you sold drugs in order to obtain a conviction. Often, drug trafficking prosecutions are based on conspiracy charges, which allege that you and one or more other people planned to commit drug trafficking.

Contact Our Naperville Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

When we defend you against charges of drug trafficking, distribution, or conspiracy, you can feel comfortable with the knowledge that you have retained an experienced, qualified lawyer for your case. Before beginning his criminal defense practice, Mr. Nathe was a prosecutor. He understands how prosecutors and investigators think. He will review your case to determine whether prosecutors used unreliable informants or questionable interrogation methods to build a case against you. Our law firm will conduct our own investigation and use experts when necessary to show what happened in your case.

If you are charged or are being investigated for drug trafficking, call 630-416-7600, toll free at 888-583-6197, or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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