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DuPage County Auto Theft Lawyers

Auto Theft Penalties Depend On Several Factors

Cars are often stolen for use in committing other crimes. Sometimes, vehicles are stolen for their valuable engine parts or wheels. Depending on the value of the car and who the registered owner is, penalties can include staggering fines and imprisonment.

In most cases, auto theft is charged as a Class 2 felony in Illinois. These charges may apply in any situation where a person is accused of receiving, concealing, selling, transferring, or possessing a vehicle or essential vehicle parts when they know that these items have been stolen. A person may also face felony auto theft charges if they are accused of removing or altering a vehicle's identification number or the serial numbers of essential auto parts.

Consulting with an experienced property crimes defense lawyer as soon as possible after an arrest for auto theft can help your case. Attorney Philip R. Nathe has served Illinois as a trusted criminal defense attorney for decades. Attorney Nathe has experience in the DuPage County criminal justice system working as a courtroom clerk and probation officer, as well as an assistant state's attorney. He uses his in-depth background with judges and prosecutors to develop effective defense strategies for his clients.

Take action right away to protect your rights. Contact the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe for a free consultation to discuss your case and legal options at 888-583-6197 toll free or 630-416-7600.

Defending the Constitutional Rights of Every Client

Attorney Nathe examines all the evidence available against you. He further investigates whether the police and prosecutors remained within their lawful boundaries. Searches or seizure of your property during an arrest must not violate your constitutional rights. He will also determine whether your request for legal counsel was properly honored.

At the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, we will make every effort to have the charges against you dismissed or reduced. Mr. Nathe will work toward an optimal result, such as a shorter incarceration sentence or probation. We will prepare to take your case to trial if the facts of your case support contesting the charges in court.

Contact a Skilled Naperville Auto Theft Defense Attorney

In your free initial consultation, attorney Nathe will provide a personalized, straightforward evaluation of your case. He will review the law surrounding the charges with you and explain what he will do for your case, and at what cost.

For an efficient defense against charges of auto theft or other property crime charges, contact our firm today via email or call us toll free at 888-583-6197 or 630-416-7600. We offer payment plan arrangements, and we accept Visa or Mastercard.

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