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DuPage County Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney

Experienced Defense Against Juvenile Offenses

Unlike the adult criminal justice system, juvenile courts are geared towards rehabilitation and reducing recidivism. Consequently, judges and juvenile case workers are more inclined to give a young person a second chance when it is clear he or she made a mistake and did not act out of a depraved indifference to the well-being of others.

When working with case workers and prosecutors, it is important to understand what the court is looking at and how to help a young person find the help he or she needs to avoid future entanglement in the criminal justice system. When your child is charged with a crime, it is natural to want to shield them from harsh punishment and a criminal record. The Law Office of Philip R. Nathe is dedicated to protecting the rights of minors who are arrested for any criminal offense.

Effective Representation for Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crime defense attorney Philip Nathe is extensively experienced in the full spectrum of Illinois juvenile law, ranging from staying out after curfew to school threats or juvenile criminal trespass charges. He is known and respected by prosecutors and judges in DuPage County and throughout nearby jurisdictions. He has handled every type of juvenile crime, including the following:

Minimizing the Impact of a Juvenile Crime Charge

Juvenile courts, which handle cases involving children less than 17 years of age, have substantial discretion in sentencing youthful offenders. However, without solid legal representation, your child could be subjected to severe punishment even for a first offense. In many cases, Mr. Nathe can successfully argue for court supervision. Under supervision, the juvenile offense will not go on the child's record as long as he or she stays out of legal trouble and adheres to any provisions, such as completing community service or receiving drug or alcohol treatment.

If supervision is not granted or not allowed because of the nature of the crime, adjudication can include:

  • Probation
  • Up to 30 days in juvenile detention
  • Commitment to the Department of Corrections for an indefinite period

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Based in Naperville, we represent juveniles in DuPage County and the surrounding counties of the Chicago area, including Cook, Kane, Will, and Kendall. Philip Nathe is a former probation officer and county prosecutor. Since 1990, he has defended individuals as a private criminal defense lawyer. Contact our office via our online form or by calling 630-416-7600 or toll free at 888-583-6197 to schedule a free consultation.

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