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West Side of Chicago Heroin Charges Lawyer

Attorneys for Heroin Charges on the West Side of Chicago

More and more Chicago teenagers are being arrested on heroin charges, and the place where they often buy their drugs is on the West Side of Chicago. If you have been arrested for buying heroin, the most important step you can take is securing the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

At the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, we have a solid understanding of how to mount an effective defense against heroin charges. Defense attorney Philip R. Nathe has more than 30 years of experience in the DuPage County criminal justice system, including prosecuting a range of drug charges and other crimes as an assistant state's attorney. Mr. Nathe will work hard to help you obtain the best possible outcome to your case. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Protecting Your Future

Many teens and young adults do not realize the harsh penalties that a heroin possession charge can bring. Given the way that the laws regarding heroin are written, it is hard to avoid facing felony-level charges if you are arrested with heroin. If you are convicted, you would be tagged as a convicted felon for the rest of your life, making it hard to get into college, obtain a job, or even rent an apartment.

Many heroin arrests follow a vehicle stop after a transaction that occurs on the street. As your lawyer, Mr. Nathe would carefully examine the circumstances of your arrest to determine if the search and seizure of drug evidence was legal. In their zeal to make arrests, many police officers stop and search vehicles without probable cause to believe that evidence or drugs are located in the vehicle. If the search and seizure was illegal, the drug evidence may be suppressed.

As part of an effective defense, we will analyze your case for applicability of all programs, including:

We will also work to prevent asset forfeitures related to the arrest.

Contact Our West Side of Chicago Heroin Possession Attorney

If you are facing heroin charges on the West Side of Chicago, turn to the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe. Our decades of experience allow us to provide our clients with an aggressive and effective defense for charges involving drugs. To schedule a free initial consultation with Naperville attorney Philip Nathe, call 630-416-7600, toll free at 888-583-6197, or simply contact us online.

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