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What is your defense against domestic battery accusations?

 Posted on September 11, 2021 in Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges of any kind will have a significant effect on your future. Even the accusation of participating in a criminal activity can ruin your reputation and cause impacts in virtually every area of your life. It is in your interests to know how to best fight back and protect yourself against both formal charges and their potential effects. Your best defense strategy starts as soon as possible after an arrest, filing of charges or initiation of a criminal investigation.

Accusations of domestic violation are serious, and you should not underestimate the grave nature of the potential repercussions if convicted. Domestic violence charges often overlap family law and other types of cases, and building a defense can be complex. It is in your interests to begin developing your strategy at the first sign of legal trouble.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is a type of crime that involves acts of violence and threats of violence in any type of domestic relationship. These crimes often involve cycles of violence and commonly include instances of both physical and psychological abuse. Domestic violence can involve a range of different criminal charges, depending on the types of injuries the victim has, whether a minor witnessed the event and whether the accused violated the terms of a protective order.

While the act of violence could lead to a specific charge on its own, an individual could be charged with a range of other accusations depending on the situation. These cases can involve allegations of sexual violence and financial abuse in addition to physical and emotional abuse. These cases can be difficult to prosecute because it is often one person's word against another. It is tricky for the prosecution to build a case based on allegations and emotionally charged events, especially if there is little physical evidence.

Fighting for your future

How you handle allegations of domestic violence will impact your future. You can begin exploring the defense options available to you. Prompt action is important, even before there are any formal charges against you. With the right defense strategy, you can fight back, preserving both your personal freedom as well as your reputation and future opportunities.

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