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Over-prescribing may have led to your drug addiction

 Posted on April 09, 2020 in Opiate Offenses

You've been in pain for a long time. You went through a surgery around 10 years ago, and ever since then, you've had chronic pain that hasn't let up. Your first interaction with opioid pain medications was after that surgery.

Your medical provider, at the time, told you that these drugs were completely safe. You were encouraged to fill your prescription on time and to ask for refills. As you found that your pain was not being treated as well over time, your doctor increased your dosage.

Today, in 2020, it's known that opioid medications can lead to tolerances, dependency and addiction. That came to light over time, but it was too late for you. At that point, you'd taken the pain medications for years, and you were left in a bind when the prescriber suddenly couldn't fill your prescriptions. You turned to illegal sources to obtain the medications you needed to handle your pain.

Unfortunately, even those with chronic pain and the best intentions can be charged for drug crimes. Physicians may be at fault for over-prescribing opiates, and it's true that pharmaceutical companies weren't as forthcoming as they should have been about addiction or dependency involving these drugs. Nevertheless, you're the one who is now facing drug charges.

Your attorney will work with you to defend you. Your background is similar to many others who have found themselves charged for opioid-related crimes; you had nowhere else to turn to but the street for the drugs that your physician, knowingly or not, got you addicted to. Our site has more on opioids and how you can defend yourself against unfair charges.

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