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Is it an argument or domestic assault?

 Posted on June 13, 2022 in Criminal Defense


Facing the accusation of domestic abuse is serious as this can affect multiple areas of your life. If accused of this type of behavior, it could impact everything from a child custody case to your job opportunities. It is critical to act quickly to defend your rights and interests when facing these accusations, working diligently to protect your personal freedom, future opportunities and your reputation.

Domestic assault is a term used to describe different behaviors that include physical violence and verbal abuse from one person against another who lives in the same home. These accusations are common in cases in which there is a significant amount of animosity between two Illinois spouses, perhaps during a contested divorce or custody dispute. You may think you simply had an argument, but next thing you know, you may be facing a protective order and accusations of domestic abuse.

What counts as domestic assault?

There are different types of domestic abuse, and while it often involves an accusation of a type of violence from one person against another, physical contact is not always a requirement in these cases. It can be difficult to distinguish between verbal abuse and having an argument, especially when it is one person's word against another. Verbal abuse can include words and threats made against someone that either threaten violence or make the other person believe he or she is in harm's way.

You could face accusations of domestic verbal abuse even if you are innocent, or even if there was no physical contact between the parties involved. Arguments, even heated ones, are not necessarily verbal abuse, and you have the right to tenaciously defend yourself against these accusations. You can also fight back against an unfair protective order that may be keeping you from your rightful access to your loved ones.

The best defense for you

Knowing your defense options as early as possible in your case can help you confront the charges you are facing. You will benefit from guidance regarding the most effective way to defend your interests and seek the best possible outcome to your case. Seeking this assistance as early as possible in your case will allow you to protect yourself against charges of domestic assault, shield your reputation and confront any current protective orders against you as a result of the alleged incident.

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