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A strong defense against opiate-related criminal charges

 Posted on December 28, 2020 in Opiate Offenses

Drug crimes are particularly serious criminal offenses, and a conviction could result in significant penalties. An Illinois defendant could face years behind bars, fines and other consequences that may change the course of his or her life. This is certainly possible in cases involving opiate-related criminal charges. Opiates are powerful drugs, and there are certain types that are legal in specific situations, such as when prescribed by a doctor.

Opiates can include several types of drugs and painkillers, including Oxycodone and Vicodin. Prescription painkillers can include synthetic or naturally derived opium, and they are powerful and highly addictive when used inappropriately. Misuse of these types of drugs can result in a permanent mark on a criminal record, loss of future educational opportunities and trouble finding a job.

Possession of prescription drugs could even result in charges of intent to distribute opiates. With the help of an experienced defense attorney, it may be possible to avoid a prison sentence for other alternative sentences. This may include probation, which is more likely an option for first-time offenders, or completion of certain types of treatment programs.

Every case is different, but it is within the right of each individual charged with this type of crime to pursue the most beneficial outcome possible for his or her situation. There is significant benefit in working with an experienced defense attorney from the very beginning. Because of what is at stake, an individual will not want to face opiate-related criminal charges alone.

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