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Astonishing cybercrime prison sentences from 2013 revealed

The internet plays a large part in people’s lives every single day. Accessing Google directions, performing online banking or retail purchases, and checking email are all commonplace in today’s 21st century society. However, using the internet involves some risks.

The recent internet breach that resulted in the unauthorized access of roughly 40 million customer credit and debit card information from various Target electronic check-out systems is a case in point. The breach not only brought public awareness about the vulnerability of information placed on the internet, but the tough penalties associated with cyber security crimes.

The Ecommerce Times, an online news source for e-business and technology, recently published a list of top cybercrimes that occurred in the U.S. from 2013 that led to stiff penalties. The list has many wondering whether the penalties for the offenders were a bit too stringent.

Copyright infringement: 8 years, $15,000 fine

In one instance, an individual pled guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement after making and selling unauthorized copies of motion pictures. In 2013, he was sentenced to 5 years in jail and ordered to pay a $15,000 restitution penalty. The judge also mandated that he remain supervised three years after his release. Other defendants received stringent prison sentences as well.

Hacking: 15-year prison sentence

In another incidence, a 29-year-old individual was linked to accessing hundreds of American merchant electronic point-of-system, or check-out systems, and stealing over 100,000 consumer credit card information from U.S. consumers. The man received a harsh 15-year prison sentence.

Hacking: 10-year prison sentence

In yet another incidence, a 28-year-old was linked to hacking into the server of a firm that offered subscriptions to geopolitical information. The man was handed a 10-year prison sentence as a result.

The number of incidences, unfortunately, goes on and on.

The future of cybercrime repercussions

The list provided by Ecommerce shows how stringent authorities are taking against those who commit internet crimes. And the high profile matter involving the Target check-out systems will no doubt mean authorities will beef up their efforts to crack down on cyber breaches and other internet crimes even more in the upcoming year.

Seeking criminal defense advocacy for internet crimes

Due to the no holds barred attitude against cybercriminals-as evidence from the decade-long sentences handed down to offenders last year-individuals facing charges relating to a internet crime should seek the help of a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer can help protect your rights during the process.

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