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Unchecked Speeding Violations Could Mean A Loss Of Your License

A speeding ticket may seem like a minor crime. But, kept unchecked, traffic violations add up and make for serious penalties. Like many states, Illinois uses a point system for traffic law violations. The points add to your record once you pay your speeding ticket. Then, after enough points over a year-long period, you may face a possible license suspension – not to mention higher insurance rates.

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High Speed, High Cost – Even Without A Prior Suspension

For a speeding violation of 11-14 mph over the limit in Illinois, you will receive 15 points. Even without a prior suspension on their record, drivers over the age of 21 who accumulate just 15 points could lose their license for two months. At a range of 15-25 mph over the speed limit, your driving record will accumulate 20 points. And, amassing 45 points may mean a license revocation of three months.

Do not dismiss your speeding violations by simply paying them and moving on. Learn more about how the points may affect your future.

Penalties For Aggravated Speeding

Drivers ticketed for 35 mph over the limit in Illinois will face aggravated speeding charges. These charges can lead to steeper penalties, including fines up to $2,500 and jail time. Because this offense is a Class A misdemeanor, drivers will also now also have a criminal record, which can have negative effects on a background check for employment, education, housing and more.

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