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Helping You Move Forward From Your Criminal Record

In this age of ever-increasing connectivity, it is becoming more and more difficult to put your past behind you. More and more public records are being put into searchable online databases. Even without the ease of access that the Internet grants, if someone wants to dig into your past, there are numerous services available that are immensely capable of uncovering details of your life that you may have assumed were impossible to uncover.

This presence of the past as a participant in the building of your future becomes especially painful when a criminal record can impact major parts of your life such as:

  • Securing a lease
  • Securing employment

Landlords and potential employers regularly hire outside services to conduct in-depth investigations of people’s pasts. If there is any offending entry, you may find yourself shut out of getting an apartment or a decent job.

What Is The Difference Between Expungement And Sealing?

When you know that your record is holding you back, there is action you can take. Expungement and the sealing of records can help you move forward without the hindrance of past mistakes impeding you.

  • Expungement — This is the actual destruction of court records. It is the most thorough way to prevent your past from holding you back. Expungement is limited to court records pertaining to charges you have faced, court supervision or probation.
  • Sealing of Records — When expungement is not an option, the sealing of your records is the next best step. No one will be able to see your records without your permission. In addition to other records, misdemeanor and certain felony convictions can be sealed.

At The Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, our DuPage County expungements attorney has more than 30 years’ experience working in the DuPage County courts and has built a solid reputation for providing exceptional defense to individuals throughout the Chicago area.

Learn If Expungement Could Be An Option For You

If you are finding that your criminal record is impacting your ability to move ahead long after you have paid your dues, consider expunging or sealing your record. Turn to the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe. Our decades of experience allow us to provide our clients with an aggressive and effective defense. To schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer, call 630-364-4621, toll-free at 888-583-6197 or simply contact us online.

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