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Tough, Experienced Criminal Defense

At the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, our experienced criminal defense attorney is committed to providing all of our clients with the same exceptional representation that has allowed us to build the reputation for success that we have built since 1994. We know that when people are facing criminal charges they need to have the confidence that their rights will receive real protection and that their attorney is committed to helping them secure the most favorable results available.

We offer our experienced representation to those facing the following types of criminal charges in DuPage County and the surrounding areas:

  • Drug charges — Drug charges can have a serious impact on your life, whether you are charged with possession, trafficking, manufacture or some other charge, you need to take immediate action to defend yourself.
  • DUI — It is important to mount an effective defense against DUI charges to avoid the difficulties of driver’s license suspensions, fines, increased insurance costs and the dramatically more severe penalties should you get arrested for DUI again.
  • Sexual offenses — There are few crimes which society looks down upon more than sexual assault and other sex crimes. An experienced attorney can help you protect your rights.
  • Violent crimes — Murder, aggravated assault, domestic violence and other violent crimes can carry some of the most severe penalties.
  • White collar crimes — Fraud and other white collar crimes can take a serious toll on your professional reputation. Effective defense that understands how to operate with discretion is an advantage.
  • Traffic violations — Few people realize the accurate cost-benefit analysis of defending yourself against traffic violations versus the long-term costs of insurance rate hikes.
  • Property crimes — Secure effective defense representation when you face property crime charges.
  • Theft, shoplifting and burglary — These most common property crimes charges can carry stiff penalties depending on the circumstances.
  • Juvenile offenses — Experienced representation can be crucial to ensuring that a young person is able to move forward with his or her life.

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If you are facing criminal charges, take action to ensure your rights are protected. Turn to the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe. Located in Naperville, our decades of experience allow us to provide our clients with an aggressive and effective defense. To schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyer, call 630-364-4621, toll free at 1-888-583-6197 or simply contact us online.

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