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Juvenile Theft Can Have Serious Consequences

Even adults frequently fail to understand just how serious a theft conviction can be. For juveniles, the potential effects can be even less apparent when they face the temptation to take something that is not theirs. Thefts of small items from a store can escalate to taking more expensive items from a property owner’s garage, with consequences that quickly escalate.

If your child has made a poor decision and been charged with juvenile theft, the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe can assist you. Our law firm features a Naperville juvenile theft attorney with decades of experience helping juveniles and adults deal with the consequences of all kinds of theft charges.

Reducing The Impact Of A Theft Charge

Juvenile thefts can range from shoplifting small items from a retail store to thefts of expensive electronics. The charges can quickly become more serious because the severity of the theft charge depends in large part on the value of the items taken.

A theft can easily become a burglary, which carries severe penalties, if your teenager enters someone’s garage and takes items from it.

A theft conviction can make it more difficult for your child’s future education, career and housing plans.

Most juvenile thefts are handled in juvenile court, where judges and case workers often view the case with an eye toward helping children who have made a mistake to learn from it and to help them avoid future contact with the criminal justice system. For many theft cases, Mr. Nathe has successfully argued for court supervision. If a child successfully completes court supervision, the juvenile offense will not go on his or her record.

Learn More About The Various Factors Involved In Juvenile Cases

When our law firm represents your child in theft charges, rest assured knowing we have the experience and understanding of the law to evaluate the strength of the state’s case. Factors that can affect the likelihood your child can be convicted include:

  • How store security treated your child
  • Whether security camera footage exists
  • When police were called

We will review the facts of your child’s case and provide guidance for the best options for a defense.

If your son or daughter has been charged with theft, or any other juvenile crime, schedule a free, confidential consultation with us today. Call our office at 630-364-4621, toll free at 888-583-6197 or contact us online.