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Should You Consent To Field Sobriety Tests?

We are all taught to be law abiding citizens. Most people, when they have to interact with the police, do their best to be cooperative. That is, in most situations, the best thing people can do. Cooperation can be key to police being able to conduct effective investigations.

However, DUI is a crime where the majority of evidence that will be used to convict you will come from the interactions the police have with you. What most people fail to realize is that they do not need to cooperate with all police requests. The police are very well trained at asking for cooperation that they may not be legally able to compel.

It Is Important To Know Your Rights

Field sobriety tests are a good example of just this sort of cooperation. The three standard field sobriety tests include:

  • Horizontal gaze
  • Standing on one leg
  • Walk and turn

Unnecessarily cooperating with these tests may give the police and the prosecution the evidence they need to secure a conviction. Knowing your rights and exercising them judiciously during interactions with the police may be your best protection against DUI charges.

At The Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, our criminal defense attorney wants to encourage everyone to take the first steps toward protecting their rights: knowing what you are legally required to do when interacting with the police. During more than 30 years working in the Illinois criminal justice system, we have seen too many people who simply gave the police and prosecutors everything they needed to convict them. You do not have to make that mistake.

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