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In Illinois, prosecutors and judges treat drug possession with intent to deliver as an extremely serious offense. If you are caught with more than a recreational amount of drugs in your possession, you may face charges of possession with intent to deliver, a charge with far more serious consequences than for a drug possession charge. In some situations, prison is mandatory for possession with intent to deliver convictions.

At the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, you will find a Naperville drug possession with intent to deliver lawyer who has decades of experience defending against drug charges in the Illinois court system. We will thoroughly examine your charges and guide you toward less serious consequences where possible.

Mandatory Prison For Some Charges

If you are charged with intent to deliver in Illinois, the state is accusing you of possessing drugs with plans to sell or otherwise deliver the drugs to someone else. The charge is a felony and is similar to drug trafficking charges. Commonly involved drugs include cocaine, meth, heroin, Ecstasy and other controlled substances.

You do not have to be caught in the act of selling or handing drugs over to another person in order to be charged. In determining whether to charge you with drug possession with intent to deliver, prosecutors will look to several factors, including the amount of drugs involved. Thus, you can be charged with intent to deliver even if you had no such intentions.

For smaller amounts of drugs, probation is possible if you are convicted. Convictions for larger amounts of drugs may come with a mandatory prison sentence. You may face steep fines regardless of the level of charge for possession with intent to deliver.

Speak With A Knowledgeable Attorney

When we represent you, we will comb through evidence in your case to determine whether the state can prove that you had intent to deliver. We will also determine whether we can challenge critical evidence in the state’s case through constitutional and procedural means. Mr. Nathe is willing and able to take your case to trial, but when appropriate we will seek reduced charges or an alternative sentence that allows you to avoid prison time.

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