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The right defense against opiate-related charges is crucial

 Posted on May 10, 2021 in Opiate Offenses

Any type of drug charge represents a serious threat against one's future. If convicted of a drug crime in Illinois, it may could result in significant time behind bars, expensive fines and more. This is also true for those facing allegations of opiate-related drug charges. It is essential to have the right defense in order to effectively confront the prosecution's case.

Crimes related to opiates

Opioids are drugs derived from the poppy plant, and common opioids include heroin, methadone, fentanyl and hydrocodone. Opioids are often used as prescription painkillers, and for many, this has led to a dependence on this type of substance. It is common for a genuine medical need to lead to drug addiction after exposure to highly addictive opioids. This may then lead to behavior that is uncharacteristic, and eventually, the struggling individual may find himself or herself facing charges.

In addition to incarceration, an individual convicted of an opiate-related crime could also face loss of educational opportunities, loss of reputation and more. It is essential for one to be proactive in his or her defense and understand the gravity of the legal situation. This can start as soon as possible after an arrest or even during the investigative stage of the case.

Experience is key

The criminal justice system is complex, and the stakes are high in an opiate-related case. It is essential for an Illinois adult facing charges to seek experienced legal guidance from the earliest stages of his or her case. With knowledgeable counsel, it may be possible to mitigate the potential penalties one is facing or potentially avoid a conviction altogether.

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