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The non-criminal penalties your DUI could bring

 Posted on January 04, 2022 in DUI Law


A drunk driving conviction has the potential to bring various consequences to your life that could alter the course of your future. In addition to the criminal penalties you may face, such as time behind bars, loss of driving privileges and expensive fines, you may find an Illinois DUI affects virtually every other area of your life. It is in your interests to defend yourself against a drunk driving charge regardless of your criminal history.

Even the accusation of drunk driving can have a significant impact. Your personal reputation, as well as other parts of your life, are at stake, and quick action to build a strong defense is critical. You do not want to delay in taking the appropriate steps to analyze your situation and identify the best approach by which you can confront these accusations.

Long-term effects and consequences

Of course, a DUI conviction can result in serious criminal penalties, including the possibility of incarceration. You may also lose your driving privileges, and you could face mandated fines that can be quite expensive. Other, non-criminal consequences and effects potentially brought by a DUI conviction include:

  • Loss of employment opportunities that require a criminal background check
  • Loss of employment if your current job requires a commercial driver's license
  • Higher insurance rates in addition to the fines you will have to pay
  • Damage to your personal reputation, as well as professional relationships you have
  • Loss of scholarships, educational opportunities and internships
  • Suspension or expulsion from school or school-related programs

With a DUI on your criminal record, this event will continue to impact your life for years to come. Every time an employer, landlord or other party does a background check, your DUI could affect their decisions about you, even if the offense was years prior. Protecting your future interests should be a priority, starting from the moment of your arrest.

Don't delay

It is in your interests to take immediate action to protect yourself after a drunk driving arrest. A careful assessment of the arrest, your interaction with law enforcement, your criminal record and other factors will determine the ideal direction for your defense strategy. With the right plan, you may be able to effectively confront the prosecution's case, mitigating the penalties you are facing or possibly avoiding a conviction altogether.

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