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Drunk driving laws are stricter for commercial drivers

 Posted on October 17, 2022 in DUI Law


The men and women who operate large trucks and commercial vehicles play a critical role in the economy. They are responsible for the transportation of goods across the country, and many aspects of daily life are dependent on the safe operation of these types of vehicles. Because of the larger size and heavier weight of semitrailers and commercial trucks, truck drivers bear a special responsibility to drive safely and adhere to the rules of the road.

This is why Illinois laws are stricter for commercial drivers than they are for regular license holders. If you are a commercial driver, it will benefit you to understand what these laws are and how you can protect your career. One DUI can impact your job and your ability to provide for your family. If you are facing drunk driving charges, you will benefit from understanding how you can protect yourself and your commercial driver's license.

Held to a higher standard

For most drivers, the blood alcohol content limit is .08%. This means that police will not arrest a driver with a BAC lower than that amount unless there are extenuating circumstances. For a truck driver or someone with a CDL, however, the BAC limit is .04%. It is possible that you could face a serious threat to your career and other consequences, even if you do not feel drunk or only after one or two drinks. After pulling you over for a suspected DUI, police may take your CDL, and you may need a temporary permit to drive.

A DUI can result in penalties that include time behind bars, fines and loss of driving privileges. Without a CDL or with a permanent mark on your criminal record, it is possible that your employer will determine you can no longer drive for his or her company. Not only is the BAC threshold lower, but even a first offense can derail your career.

What can you do?

With help, you may be able to effectively defend your CDL and fight for your career interests. A strong defense strategy will help you protect your right to drive, your personal freedom and your ability to continue operating a commercial vehicle. If you are unsure of how to proceed after an arrest for drunk driving as a CDL holder, you will benefit from taking immediate action to learn about your defense options.

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