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A defense against domestic violence allegations

 Posted on November 12, 2020 in Criminal Defense

Allegations of abuse are serious, even they are false accusations. These allegations can eventually lead to formal criminal charges, which are a significant threat to your future. You would be wise to take your situation seriously and begin exploring how you can defend yourself. Protecting your future, your freedom and your reputation is critical.

Domestic violence includes any act of violence committed by one family member against another. It is often physically harmful, but it can include other types of harm, such as emotional abuse, controlling behavior and more. It happens between spouses, partners or anyone living together in the same home. These allegations could impact custody hearings, divorce proceedings and various aspects of your life, and it's vital to move quickly to defend yourself.

Domestic battery and types of violence in the home

Domestic battery is a specific type of domestic violence or abuse. Battery is violence or force used by one partner against another. It is possible to face domestic battery charges even if there are no apparent injuries as it can include the attempt to cause harm. Battery is a specific criminal charge, and other forms of domestic violence can include:

  • Physical harm – This is any type of forceful or violent action, including hitting, biting, pushing, punching and more.
  • Emotional abuse – This can happen when one person causes harm to another through invalidation, intimidation or harming self-esteem.
  • Sexual abuse – This is any type of unwanted sexual contact or forced intimacy, including sexual coercion or any unwelcome sexual behavior.
  • Economic harm – This occurs when one person takes away another person's financial independence so he or she is unable to leave or make decisions.

Domestic abuse and violence do not always involve physical harm. These types of allegations are often linked with contentious divorce cases or difficult custody battles. While these are grave accusations and there is a lot at stake for you, you do not have to fight for your future alone.

Help from the beginning

Serious consequences can follow a conviction for any type of violent crime, including domestic battery or abuse. Working with an experienced Illinois defense attorney could ensure that you understand how to best fight back, preserve your interests and confront the case against you. Pursuing the best possible outcome starts by reaching out for help.

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