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3 ways drugs are more accessible than you may think

 Posted on July 17, 2017 in Drug Offenses

Nobody wants to think that their own child would make the mistake of getting involved in drugs. Unfortunately, however, parents' naiveté may only allow the problem to persist and worsen before it turns into a legal issue. According to, as many as half of all high school seniors view drugs such as cocaine and crack as potentially harmless.

The truth is that drugs are far more accessible to teens than ever before. It is easier than ever for kids — even good ones who follow rules and otherwise behave well — to get in trouble with controlled substances. The following are three ways your teen might be able to get access to drugs.

1. From friends at school

Drug use often stems from peer pressure. When a teen's friend starts smoking marijuana or using other drugs, it suddenly seems far less dangerous — and maybe even cool — to do the same. This is just one reason you should stay as involved as possible in your kids' lives and make an effort to get acquainted with all of their friends.

2. With extra spending money

Do you give your teens a weekly allowance? Do they have a part-time job that provides some extra spending money? Ideally, this cash would go towards innocent outings and fun, but this is not always the case. Teens can easily use their extra cash to buy illegal drugs, and if they are presented with the opportunity, too many will end up taking it.

3. As prescription medications

Many parents forget that illegal drugs are not the only ones that can land their teens in trouble. Prescription medications, too, such as opioids and stimulants, are commonly abused by teens and adults alike. Even if these are legitimately prescribed to your kid, a prescription can turn into an addiction, and an addiction can quickly snowball into legal trouble for your whole family.

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