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3 addictive substances to be aware of

 Posted on April 25, 2017 in Drug Offenses

Many young people are first introduced to drugs at a party, at school or by trusted friends. When illegal substances appear in an otherwise familiar context, they may not seem as threatening as they truly are.

It is imperative that parents and young adults alike be aware of the risks associated with the following substances. They are surprisingly addictive, and addiction is one surprise you never want to encounter.

1. Prescription medications

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, prescription medications are the most widely available opioids in the DuPage County area for individuals without a prescription. Hydrocodone and oxycodone are commonly abused, and unfortunately, they are highly addictive. The risk of these substances is often downplayed because of their medical applications and availability through a prescription, but underestimating their addictive potential would be a big mistake.

2. Heroin and other opiates

Though the addictive qualities of heroin are common knowledge to some, the appeal outweighs this risk for many others. Countless addicts are lured by the rush that can be achieved by a single dose, but once is rarely enough, and addiction can soon develop. Heroin is not the only opiate with such power, though. Related substances such as codeine and morphine can also spur addiction in the most unsuspecting of users.

3. Methamphetamines

Though rates of methamphetamine addiction are thankfully on the decline, it is still a serious problem in the DuPage County and Naperville areas. It is worth noting, too, that methamphetamines are sometimes passed off as other drugs such as MDMA or ecstasy. Users may partake in seemingly less dangerous drugs and instead be taking methamphetamine, which can result in addiction.

Anyone who is struggling with an addiction may experience legal consequences, and they should contact an attorney for more information about their rights and case.

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