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Increased traffic patrols in some parts of Illinois during July

In Illinois, driving while under the influence of alcohol or committing other types of traffic violations can result in serious financial and legal repercussions. If convicted, one could face time behind bars, expensive fines and other consequences, such as loss of driving privileges. A violation could result in fines, increased insurance rates and more. Throughout the month of July, certain parts of the state will have increased patrols, which means more people could soon be facing these types of charges and violations

Different types of patrols

These drunk driving patrols will be in conjunction with the Illinois State Police and various operations. This list includes Occupant Restraint Enforcement Patrols, Alcohol Countermeasure Enforcement Patrols, Nighttime Enforcement Patrols and Roadside Safety Checks. These operations will take place in Madison County and St. Clair County throughout the month.

Law enforcement will be focusing on a specific area, bringing increased patrols and vigilance to monitor for behaviors often associated with intoxicated driving. They will also be looking for traffic violations, failure to use seat belts and improperly secured child restraint devices. The goal of these operations is to increase compliance with traffic laws and safety on the roads.

Criminal charges and traffic violations

Individuals facing criminal charges or the repercussions of traffic violations will benefit from the guidance of an experienced Illinois traffic law attorney. It may be possible to effectively confront charges and secure a beneficial outcome to the individual situation. It is prudent to learn about the specific legal options available by seeking an evaluation of the case at the first opportunity.

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