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Illinois driver gets extensive prison sentence for role in fatal DUI

The penalties for the intoxicated operation of a vehicle are steep. They can range from time behind bars to loss of driving privileges and much more. The consequences are even more severe when a DUI involves an accident resulting in a personal injury or fatality. An Illinois woman was recently sentenced to prison for her role in a DUI that claimed the life of one person.

Details of the case

The fatal DUI crash took place in 2019 in McHenry County. At the time of the crash, the defendant had a revoked driver’s license. The accident report indicates she departed her lane, then the vehicle left the road. The vehicle struck a tree, and the passenger with her at the time suffered fatal injuries in the crash. The driver also suffered serious injuries and had to be taken for emergency medical treatment.

Prosecutors say the driver’s blood alcohol content was .138 at the time of the accident. Test results indicate she also had fentanyl and morphine in her system as well. An agreement with the prosecution required her to plead guilty to one count of aggravated driving under the influence causing death in exchange for a dismissal of all other charges. She will have to serve at least 85% of a four-year sentence.

The importance of a good plea deal

This case illustrates why it is important to have strong and experienced defense counsel when facing such serious charges. An Illinois defense attorney can help negotiate a plea deal that could minimize the time a person may have to spend behind bars. The stakes are high in a fatal DUI accident, but a defendant does not have to face these charges alone.

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