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Intoxicated driving identified as cause of Illinois car accident

A recent motor vehicle accident in Illinois involving three different vehicles resulted in the arrest of one driver, a 74-year-old man. An investigation of the accident determined the cause of the crash was likely intoxicated driving. As a result of this accident, this man is facing charges of operating an uninsured motor vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol and failure to yield turning left.

Details of the accident

The crash occurred when the driver of the first vehicle was traveling west on Route 16, turning in front of another vehicle. The impact between the two was head-on, and the momentum from the crash caused the two vehicles to collide with a motorcycle waiting at the intersection. The motorcyclist did not suffer any injuries, but the driver of the first vehicle was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Three people in the other vehicle were also taken to the hospital for medical care, but no one in the accident suffered serious or life-threatening injuries. DUI charges in Illinois can come with a range of penalties that may include loss of driving privileges, jail time and more. The penalties can be even more severe if the alleged drunk driver caused a motor vehicle accident.

Fight for the future

There is a lot at stake for Illinois drivers charged with a DUI. It may be helpful to work with an experienced defense attorney who understands how to navigate the criminal justice system. With the appropriate guidance, it is possible effectively defend against allegations of intoxicated driving.


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