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Fatal drunk driving accident results in length prison sentence

A DUI conviction in Illinois can lead to penalties that may change the course of a person’s life. The potential implications are especially serious for those convicted in connection with a drunk driving accident that resulted in the injury or death of another individual. One driver in the state is facing a decade behind bars for his role in an alcohol-related accident that left two people dead.

Details of a tragedy

The driver was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a 2019 auto accident. The sentenced was handed down after he entered a guilty plea for two felony counts of aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol. Reports of the accident state the defendant had a blood alcohol content of .271 at the time, a number that is more than three times over the legal limit.

A passenger in the car struck by the defendant testified to the erratic driving noticed before the crash. As a condition of his sentencing, the driver must pay the victims’ families $36,000, and he must complete at least 85% of his sentence. While the driver had no previous offenses on his record, the judge gave him more than the minimum sentence because he was going over 40 mph over the speed limit before the crash.

A defendant’s rights

In a serious case involving a drunk driving accident, an Illinois defendant may wonder if there is any benefit in fighting back. While it may not be possible to avoid a conviction or jail time, a defendant still has rights regardless of the charges against him or her. With experienced defense help, it may be possible to fight for a reduced sentence, negotiate a reasonable plea agreement or lesser penalties at sentencing.


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