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Illinois driver injuries officer, charged with drunk driving

Allegations of driving under the influence of alcohol can bring serious criminal penalties for Illinois drivers, especially if it involves an accident resulting in injury. One Des Plaines driver was charged with drunk driving and other offenses after a crash left a state trooper injured. In addition to a DUI, he is also charged with violating the Move Over law, improper lane usage and driving an uninsured vehicle.

An alleged DUI-related crash

Just before the crash occurred, the state trooper was parked on the left shoulder of the road in the turnaround area. At the time, the trooper had activated the emergency lights on his vehicle. The patrol car was struck from behind by an Audi, and the impact caused the Audi to flip over. The impact of the crash left the trooper and the other driver trapped in their respective vehicles.

The driver and the state trooper were taken to the hospital for treatment for their injuries. Neither suffered life-threatening harm in the accident. It is not clear how or when the driver underwent a blood alcohol test to determine his level of alleged intoxication or at what point drunk driving charges were filed against him.

Defending his future

The charges against this individual are serious. If convicted, he could face extensive time behind bars and other consequences that may have a long-term impact on his life. Now is the time for this driver to begin working on a defense strategy that will allow him to effectively confront the prosecution’s case against him.


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