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Illinois driver gets years in prison after 10th DUI conviction

A Joliet resident is going to prison for 11 years after a conviction for intoxicated driving. His sentence is particularly lengthy because his most recent DUI conviction will be the 10th on his criminal record. Before his sentencing, he pleaded guilty to aggravated driving under the influence. The arrest that led to this most recent conviction took place in 2019.

The Illinois State Police arrested the driver while he was traveling on Interstate 55. It is not immediately clear why law enforcement initiated the traffic. The defendant has previously spent time behind bars, amounting to about six years, for other DUI convictions. Before he was sentenced, he was facing anywhere from six to 60 years behind bars.

There are times when it is most prudent in an individual situation to plead guilty to DUI charges. An Illinois defendant has the right to pursue the most beneficial outcome to his or her case. The most prudent course of action may depend on previous convictions on a defendant’s criminal record and other factors. In this case, the driver apparently found it best to plead guilty presumably in an effort to achieve favorable sentencing consideration.

Every DUI case is different. Whether the charge is allegedly a first offense or a 10th drunk driving offense, it is in the interests of each individual to pursue an outcome that is most beneficial for his or her long-term interests. It is prudent to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to understand the legal options available and effectively fight back against any criminal charges.

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