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Illinois man facing extensive time behind bars for drunk driving

Illinois laws regarding intoxicated driving are strict, and repeat offenders could face significant time behind bars for subsequent convictions. One man is facing sentencing after pleading guilty to aggravated driving under the influence. This is his 10th drunk driving conviction, and he is facing steep penalties that could possibly alter the course of the rest of his life.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated drunk driving in exchange for the dismissal of an additional identical charge. At his upcoming sentencing, it is possible he could face anywhere from six to 60 years in prison. This is not the defendant’s first time facing time behind bars. Previously, he was sentenced to 10 to 12 months behind bars, but he was released early for good behavior. His bail is currently set at $1 million.

Illinois drivers will face increased penalties for each subsequent drunk driving conviction. Even with this driver’s record of DUI convictions, this man will find it beneficial to fight for his future interests. He can pursue a sentence that will allow him freedom in a few years’ time. Otherwise, he could spend a significant part of his life behind bars.

Whether it’s a defendant’s first or 10th DUI conviction, he or she has rights and interests worth protecting. It is crucial to work with an experienced defense attorney not only to challenge the prosecution’s case, but also to pursue the lightest sentencing possible if convicted. There is a lot at stake for someone facing drunk driving charges, but seeking help as soon as possible is a prudent first step in fighting back.

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