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Illinois driver arrested after drunk driving accident and police chase

An Illinois man was recently arrested after causing an accident and leaving the scene. The driver apparently crashed into a parked vehicle, which happened to be a detective’s car. The detective, it is alleged, turned on the flashing lights in an attempt to get him to stop, but the man reportedly continued driving. The detective pursued the man until the driver eventually came to a stop after his vehicle went onto a curb.

The driver was placed in police custody. He is formally charged with eluding the police, which is a felony offense. He was also charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol and driving with a BAC of .08% or greater. These are two misdemeanor offenses. He apparently had no insurance, and it’s claimed that he ran two stop signs after leaving the scene of the accident. These are both traffic violations.

A judge decided to hold the driver in jail overnight, and he has an upcoming court appearance to answer for these charges. In the meantime, he is likely focused on securing defense counsel to determine how to fight back. While the evidence against him appears substantial, he is entitled to confront the prosecution’s case and seek to minimize any penalties he may be facing.

Drunk driving charges can bring various consequences, as well as the potential for a permanent mark on one’s criminal record. It makes sense to work with an experienced Illinois defense attorney, starting as soon as possible after an arrest. The most appropriate defense strategy depends on the details of the individual case, the defendant’s criminal history and more.

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