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Why contesting Breathalyzer results may be a good idea

A DUI in Illinois has the potential to change a driver’s life. This is a serious criminal charge, one that can result in time behind bars, fines, loss of driving privileges and more. It is essential for one who is facing these charges to take the situation seriously and develop a strong defense strategy. One part of this may include challenging Breathalyzer results.

Breathalyzer devices are used by law enforcement to determine a driver’s blood alcohol content, but they are not always accurate. There are cases where inaccurate results led to an invalid arrest. There are several factors that can lead to the malfunctioning of one of these devices, and defendants have the right to challenge these results in the case against them.

Not only does a Breathalyzer device have to be certified in order for the results to be valid, but the user must be certified as well. There are state guidelines the user must follow, as well as manufacturer guidelines. Any deviation from proper use or a simple mistake can result in inaccurate results. If it is possible to prove there was a problem with the device, it may then be possible to move for a dismissal of charges.

One of the most important aspects of successfully fighting Breathalyzer results is experience. It is critical to work with an experienced legal ally who can provide insight and support, developing a defense strategy that gives an Illinois defendant the best chance of success. An assessment of the individual case can reveal what defense options available to the individual.

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