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Should multiple DUI arrests lead to forfeiture of vehicle?

A recent drunk driving case has led to the threat of forfeiture of personal property, a penalty that some may view as inappropriate. An Illinois man recently arrested for drunk driving is facing the loss of his personal vehicle because of repeat DUI convictions on his criminal record. Because of his past arrests for intoxicated operation of a vehicle, the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office has filed a civil forfeiture complaint against him.

In his most recent arrest, the driver is charged with aggravated DUI. Records indicate he has two previous DUIs. The complaint against the driver states that law enforcement responded to a call about a vehicle that was in a ditch. The defendant admitted to being behind the wheel and losing control. The officer reported smelling alcohol on his breath.

The driver allegedly admitted to having a beer and a few shots before getting behind the wheel. He reportedly failed sobriety tests performed at the scene of the accident, and his breath test indicated an elevated BAC level. A subsequent test performed while in police custody was said to be twice the legal limit.

In addition to loss of driving privileges and the potential for time behind bars, it appears he could also lose his vehicle. While the situation is grave, he has the right to fight back, seeking to keep his vehicle and preserve his long-term interests. At this point, he will find it beneficial to work with an experienced Illinois defense attorney who can help preserve his rights and pursue the most beneficial outcome possible.


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