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Illinois firefighters hurt in drunk driving accident

An Illinois man is facing various criminal charges for his role in a serious collision that left three firefighters injured. The accident occurred when a firetruck was struck by another vehicle while crossing a Peoria road in the early morning hours. The driver is suspected of drunk driving, and the three firefighters were taken to a hospital for medical treatment. Their injuries were not life-threatening.

After being struck by the vehicle at the intersection, the firetruck flipped. Reports indicate the driver ignored the traffic signal at the light and hit the back of the truck. The driver also suffered injuries in the accident and was taken to a hospital for treatment. While he is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, it is not clear if a blood alcohol content test was administered.

The driver was formally charged with illegal transportation of alcohol, ignoring a traffic signal, using a prohibited electronic device while driving and failure to wear a seatbelt. A DUI involving an accident is a serious charge, especially when it causes injury to another person. While formal DUI charges have apparently not yet been filed, the suspicion of drunk driving is serious, and it could lead to additional charges.

Allegations of drunk driving can eventually lead to penalties that can change the course of an Illinois driver’s life. Regardless of the specifics of the individual case, each individual has the right to fight back against any criminal charges and work to preserve his or her future interests. As soon as possible after an arrest, it is prudent to secure counsel from an experienced defense attorney.

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