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Illinois police officer facing drunk driving charges

An Illinois law enforcement officer is facing serious legal consequences after he was arrested and charged with a DUI. This followed an incident during which he operated an undercover police vehicle, using both its lights and sirens, while under the influence of alcohol. His license was recently suspended while he is awaiting a trial for drunk driving charges.

The license suspension was a recent development in his case. This decision reversed a previous ruling by an appellate court that determined he was able to keep his license while awaiting trial. The reason for the original decision was cited as a lack of evidence from his arrest that proved he was driving under the influence at the time of his arrest.

When a higher court looked at the decision, it reversed the ruling of the lower court based on its review of the circumstances of the arrest. The higher court cited the smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath, the officer’s behavior at the time and his lack of cooperation with the field sobriety tests. The court decided these things were enough to validate the arrest. The issue at hand was not whether he was driving under the influence but whether there was probable cause to stop the vehicle and eventually arrest him.

A license suspension is just one possible consequence associated with drunk driving charges. If an Illinois driver is facing this type of criminal allegation, it is in his or her interests to seek defense counsel. It is within the rights of every person facing criminal charges to confront the case against him or her and fight for a beneficial outcome.

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