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Illinois woman pleads guilty to DUI, faces decade behind bars

An Illinois woman recently pleaded guilty to a drunk driving charge that could place her in jail for up to 10 years. She admitted to driving off a bridge while under the influence of alcohol. The bridge was under construction and the incident resulted in injury to two men. The specific DUI charge was aggravated driving under the influence.

The driver went through a construction barricade and onto the bridge. She then traveled down an embankment and ended up next to the interstate. Concrete barriers kept her from entering the interstate and driving into traffic. The two passengers who were in the vehicle with her at the time suffered injuries. The driver reported to law enforcement there were no signs noting the construction.

After talking with the driver, a trooper noticed the smell of alcohol from her, and a blood test was administered at the hospital. Her blood alcohol content was .225, which amounts to more than three times the legal limit. In exchange for pleading guilty, another DUI charge against her from a separate incident was dismissed. She is now awaiting sentencing.

Pleading guilty to a DUI can result in years behind bars, expensive fines, loss of driving privileges and more. When considering a plea agreement or facing a serious drunk driving charge, there is significant benefit in working with an experienced Illinois defense attorney. With guidance, a defendant can fight for his or her future, pursue the best outcome to the individual situation and potentially mitigate the penalties he or she is facing.

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