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Can diabetes make you smell like alcohol?

You were driving home from work and felt a little unusual. You thought that you were a bit dizzy, and you felt like you needed to eat. The next thing you knew, you were waking up on the side of the road with the police and emergency services all around you.

The officer at the scene stated that you smelled like alcohol, but you didn’t have anything to drink. Why would you have this kind of symptom? Could it be a medical condition?

The answer is “yes,” it could be medical. Did you know that people with diabetes can sometimes have breath that smells like acetone? This is a side effect of a diabetic emergency where the blood sugar level in the body is too high. If you passed out, you may have been suffering from high blood sugar at the time.

The tricky thing about diabetes is that everyone has to get diagnosed at one time or another. You may not yet have a diagnosis, but if you go to the hospital with these symptoms, one may be coming. If that happens, then you may have a strong defense against the DUI charges that you’re currently facing.

Both diabetic emergencies and intoxication can appear the same. People may appear weak, have poor coordination, fall unconscious or become combative. They can appear flushed and have cool skin. It’s essential that emergency teams and police officers consider a medical emergency in a case like this, especially since an inaccurate DUI charge could change your life. Your attorney can help you build your case if you’re facing charges based on a medical condition.


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