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How can a DUI conviction impact you?

In Illinois, the laws governing how DUI-related crimes are handled can be quite strict. As someone facing charges for a DUI crime, you will want to avoid it becoming a conviction. We at the Law Office of Philip R. Nathe are here to help.

Penalties typically fall into one of two categories: short-term and long-term. Short-term penalties usually last for a smaller duration and generally are a “one-time thing”. This includes fines or fees. Jail time can also fall under this category, as some people may receive short sentences. In other cases, however, those convicted of DUI crimes could spend a year or more in jail.

Long-term penalties will follow you for months or even years. These can include increases in your car insurance, license suspension or revocation, and the potential of having to surrender your vehicle. You may also be required to take a mandatory treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction or abuse. These programs usually last months at a time, and you will be required to pass.

Additionally, if you are convicted, you will carry this conviction on your criminal record. This can impact your ability to find or keep employment. You will likely not be able to take on any job that involves driving. You may have a commercial driver’s license temporarily or permanently revoked.

If you are facing any sort of DUI-related charges, it is important to take quick action. You can take a closer look at DUI laws in Illinois, linked here, for more information.

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