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Illinois teacher facing criminal sexual assault charges

If you drive about three hours west of Naperville, you will arrive in Aledo, a sleepy rural town in western Illinois. A teacher there was recently arrested by law enforcement officials and charged with predatory criminal sexual assault of a child.

An Illinois State Police spokesperson said the 60-year-old suspect faces two counts of the very serious Class X felony charges.

Officials said their investigation is ongoing and that they anticipate filing more charges in the future.

According to state law, predatory criminal sexual assault of a child involves a victim under 13 years old, who was coerced, threatened or forced into sexual activity. The crime can also involve an armed perpetrator or a perpetrator who “causes great bodily harm to the victim.”

Police did not release details of their allegations or the evidence in the Aledo case.

Of course, it is obvious that not only is the teacher’s career on the line in this matter, but so is his freedom. He faces the potential of decades behind bars if he is convicted on the charges. Upon release from incarceration, he would be required to register with the Illinois Sex Offender Database.

He would then have severe restrictions placed on places where he can live and work and the people he can have contact with.

Those who face these types of harsh punishments should decline to speak to a prosecutor or investigator until they have spoken with a DuPage County attorney experienced in effective sex offense defense about their legal options.


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