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How much does an Illinois DUI affect auto insurance rates?

An Illinois driving under the influence conviction typically brings with it considerable penalties. If you face such a charge, you may have legitimate concerns about how your life could potentially change in the wake of a conviction. Hefty fines, possible jail time and ignition interlock device obligations are only the beginning of the penalties you may face from the justice system. Together, they can make it especially difficult for you to hold down a job, stay current on your responsibilities and otherwise go about your daily life.

While the criminal repercussions related to a DUI conviction are plentiful, you may also face other hindrances that come from somewhere other than the Illinois criminal justice system. For example, you can anticipate your automotive insurance rates will skyrocket following a DUI conviction, and you may struggle to pay these new rates when you also have to pay fines, ignition interlock device-related fees and so on. So, how much of an auto insurance increase might you expect after an Illinois DUI?

Auto insurance after an Illinois DUI

As you can imagine, a DUI conviction has a dramatic and considerable effect on your auto insurance rates. In some cases, your insurer may choose not to cover you at all following a DUI. If so, you will need to do some research and find out whether there may be alternative insurance options available to you.

If your insurer opts to continue your coverage, you can expect your car insurance rates will rise an average of 86 percent over where they currently are. What might that look like? Currently, the typical Illinois motorist pays about $1,176 per year on car insurance. After a DUI, this amount increases to $2,182, which is an increase of more than $1,000 per year.

An Illinois DUI conviction undoubtedly costs you, financially and otherwise. If you question the results of your breath test or otherwise dispute the terms under which authorities arrested you, it may benefit you to investigate further.

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