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Recreational drug use can lead to drug charges

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Uncategorized

Many people in Napierville are serving prison time for convictions stemming from drug charges who are not drug addicts. Some of those individuals are college students who did not think anything was wrong with them using their roommate’s prescriptions/medications or sharing recreational drugs while hanging out. 

With the nation up in arms over opioid abuse and overdoses, law enforcement is cracking down on drug misuse and abuse everywhere. If you do not want to end up with a drug conviction on your record, consider the following information. 

Drug charges from recreational use are nothing to shrug off 

If you borrow or purchase medications from someone else, you are breaking the law. The law prohibits the sale, use and distribution of unlawful narcotics and prescription drug sharing. Even something that seems innocent, like taking an Ambien from a friend because you are having trouble sleeping at night, is wrong and can land you behind bars. Being charged with the possession of drugs or intent to sell or distribute can ruin your life. Even a small amount of narcotics carries serious consequences and can lead to decades in prison, as well as a lifetime of missed housing, career, educational, professional and personal opportunities. 

Use common sense and just say no 

There is nothing wrong with hanging out, partying and having a few drinks if you are of legal age (just make sure you do not drive after drinking). However, the moment you accept, purchase or ingest drugs/narcotics/prescription pills belonging to someone else, you are crossing the line and are in danger of losing your freedom. When it comes to drug charges, all it takes is one time to end up with a conviction. 

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a bad decision involving drugs and unlawful substances, it is important for you to understand what comes next in the process. Do not leave your defense up to chance or inexperience. It is possible for additional charges to follow, depending on your circumstances and the evidence in question. Do not overlook your defense options, as they can help improve the outcome of your case.


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