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Illinois is taking speeding more seriously

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

Perhaps one of the most received traffic tickets among all drivers is the speeding ticket. Whether due to distraction, time constraints or carelessness, speeding is a common violation on all types of roads for all types of people. It is more socially acceptable to engage in than other illegal behaviors, as well.

However, this perspective does not take away the fact that speeding is very dangerous, and not only in bad weather or construction zones. In fact, about a third of traffic-related deaths come from speeding, reports the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Going over the speed limit makes it harder to control and stop a vehicle. It also reduces the benefits of safety gear and causes more severe physical and property damage in an accident. For these reasons, Illinois has been increasing the penalties of speeding.

Penalty changes for speeding in Illinois

The state has significantly raised the fines for speeding over the years, from under $200 to 10 times more for the highest offenses. The state also reclassified aggravated speeding, changing it from 40 mph over the limit to 20, with the specific misdemeanor charges depending on the range of speeding. Speeding through school, construction or urban zones eliminates the option of court supervision instead of a conviction.

All charges come with the possibility of jail time and/or loss of license, as well. Penalties increase with subsequent offenses and additional traffic or criminal charges. Convictions and driver’s license suspension can negatively affect other areas of life, too. 

Additional laws

It is also important to note that the law demands that you slow down for hazards such as curves, intersections, pedestrians and bad road conditions. Even if you are going the speed limit, you can still receive a ticket for not taking necessary safety precautions. Speeding is no joke in Illinois, so be sure to watch the speedometer to avoid these legal consequences.


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