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Being charged with prostitution is something no one wants to go through. While prostitution charges are typically only misdemeanor charges and therefore carry less severe penalties than a felony, they need to be addressed with a similar sense of urgency.

Constructing a solid defense to a prostitution charge can take one of several approaches. The two main approaches would be to attack the factual basis of the prosecution or to negotiate with the prosecution. Either way, the main goal is always to keep a prostitution conviction from appearing on your criminal record.

In order to secure a conviction on a prostitution charge, the prosecution needs to be able to show beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an offer to exchange the performance of a sex act for money or something else of value. Attacking the factual basis of the prosecution is a prime way to create an effective defense.

At The Law Office of Philip R. Nathe, our Naperville prostitution lawyer began his career working as a clerk and then as probation officer and lastly as an assistant state's attorney in the DuPage County courts. Since 1990, attorney Philip Nathe has been providing exceptional criminal defense to those facing prostitution charges. The breadth of our experience in the Illinois criminal justice system gives us the capability to offer effective criminal defense representation.

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