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Fighting back against a drunk driving charge in Illinois

Illinois laws regarding the intoxicated operation of a vehicle are strict, and the consequences are severe. If convicted of drunk driving, an individual could face penalties that have the potential to cause a long-term impact. Whether it is a first-time offense or there are multiple DUI offenses on one’s record, it is imperative to fight back, preserve future interests and retain the right to drive.

Possible penalties for a conviction

A conviction for a DUI can bring various penalties and complications in virtually every area of life. The severity of these consequences may depend on certain factors specific to the case, but common penalties associated with a drunk driving offense include:

  • Jail time
  • Loss of driver’s license through suspension or revocation
  • Expensive fines and court costs
  • Mandatory attendance in an alcohol treatment program
  • Surrender of one’s personal vehicle or restrictions on driving

Getting a DUI is a frightening and overwhelming experience. An Illinois driver may assume the easiest way to move on with his or her life is to plead guilty and pay the fines. This will result in a permanent mark on an individual’s criminal record, affecting future opportunities and interests.

Preserving the future

Fighting back against a drunk driving charge could be important for one’s future. In addition to the criminal penalties associated with a DUI, one could face implications in his or her personal life as well. This includes loss of reputation, complications in a child custody hearing, termination of employment and more. Effectively fighting back is critical for all areas of life.

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