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Holiday weekend means increased drunk driving enforcement

On a long holiday weekend, traffic is typically higher, and there may be an increased number of accidents. Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer, and people may use this as an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. This may also lead to an increase in drunk driving incidents, and for this reason, Illinois law enforcement plans to increase enforcement and patrols over the holiday weekend.

Law enforcement agencies across the state will team up to have more officers on the road to monitor for behaviors that could indicate intoxicated driving. They will be specifically focusing on what they are calling Saturation Saturday. The goal is to make drivers more aware of the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Even in an organized effort to curb drunk driving, officers must have a valid reason to stop a driver, ask a driver to submit to a sobriety test and make an arrest. There are strict protocols in place that dictate how law enforcement can interact with a driver and how they must conduct a traffic stop. Deviating from this may be a violation of a driver’s rights, and it could invalidate any evidence from the traffic stop.

Illinois drivers facing drunk driving charges after the holiday weekend will want to take their case seriously. Whether it is potentially a first offense or there are other DUI convictions on a driver’s record, he or she can fight back, work to mitigate potential penalties and challenge evidence brought by the prosecution. This is most effective with the guidance of an experienced Illinois defense attorney.

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